Victims of Car Accidents Settle Too Soon for Too Little

Experts strongly advise car accident victims to hire seasoned, aggressive lawyers to represent them in negotiations with insurance firms, citing data from comprehensive research by the American Bar Association.Learn more by visiting The Clark Law Office

According to ABA research, victims who represent themselves typically settle too quickly and for far less than they deserve. In reality, surveys show that up to 60% of people involved in car accidents accept the first compensation offers from insurance firms, erroneously assuming that such offers are “the best they can expect.” According to the reports, injury victims who retain legal representation receive at least 40% higher settlements than those who go it alone.

What is the role of a car accident lawyer in your case? First and foremost, an attorney who focuses his practise on car accidents brings his expertise, knowledge, and resources to bear on your case. Your lawyer will explain how your insurance policy is an arrangement between you and your carrier, as well as the procedures and strategies used by insurance company attorneys to adhere to the letter of their contracts rather than relying on the details of the accident and the laws of “torts” law to guide their compensation proposals. Insurance firms, for example, freely accept their obligation for car repairs or replacement, as well as fair medical costs. Companies, on the other hand, seldom admit responsibility for rehabilitation expenses or “loss of enjoyment of life.” You are entitled to such damages in the same way as you are entitled to your more obvious claims under the statute.