Understanding Areas of An Infinity Painting

Spray paint art will help you reach higher states of consciousness by opening doors of perception. Knowing how to spray paint, though, isn’t enough to gain this experience. A friend once told me that art is defined by how you view life. It’s a very different mindset from the one you have on a daily basis. The path of the heart is followed by a real spray paint artist. They are genuine! It has little to do with your level of expertise. Checkout Infinity Painting for more info.

I recall painting on a sidewalk outside a university at one point. I was seated in an Indian-style chair, surrounded by curious onlookers trying to get a better view. There wasn’t much space for people to get within my circle because the crowd was so dense. I noticed one of the people in front of me was barefoot as I was laying down the first colours of my painting. They hadn’t worn shoes that day for some reason. As I stared at him, it occurred to me that I might surprise him by incorporating his foot into my drawing. At that point, I simply grabbed his bare foot and stomped it into my freshly painted floor! Fortunately, the crowd found it amusing, and the man responded positively to my insane idea.

Spray paint art, also known as aerosol RaFia, thrives on this kind of spontaneous imagination, in my opinion. I adore the expressive moments, when we let go of our inhibitions and allow the great spirit to paint through us. Being present in the moment is more important to me than flawless spray-painting technique.

It is important to cultivate a sense of the now while still learning to be very realistic. We must “be prepared,” as the boy scouts suggest. One way to plan is to make sure you have all of the supplies and equipment you’ll need, but no extra baggage.