Tips For Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

There are many ways to help keep your teeth and gums safe. Stop foods and beverages containing sugar. It is also best to avoid acidic beverages such as new juices and fizzy drinks. In food, there are several secret sugars, so check before feeding. Since consuming sugary food or drink, avoid brushing directly. Wait for an hour or chew sugar free gum to neutralize the levels of acid in the mouth -Read More Here.

As it predisposes you to gum disease, stop smoking. Twice a day, brush and floss your teeth and get periodic checkups at least twice a year.

Home Whitening for Teeth

Your teeth are given unique detailed impressions and custom trays are made onto which teeth whitening gel is inserted and worn for around an hour a day. You usually have a good white smile within 2 weeks.

A laser and home whitening combination is recommended to achieve the best teeth whitening outcome.

Gum disease and smoking

Smoking has a severe effect on the health of the gum and can be stopped best. Gum disease and cancer can be caused by it. A big killer of cancer patients is oral cancer. Smoking can also induce bad breath and can seriously stain your teeth.

If you are one of the many Bad Breath sufferers – don’t worry, there’s a solution!

Gum disease, poor oral hygiene, split fillings or smoking are the key causes for bad breath. At the dentist, gum disease may be treated. Oral hygiene, once again shown by the dentist, can be improved by proper cleaning techniques. It is possible to correct any missing teeth or fillings as well.