Things You Need to Know About Periodontist

When you see the doctor, he or she advises you to see a periodontist. Currently you’re just curious what they do and whether you ought to see a doctor for your teeth. Bergens Periodontics & Implant Dentistry of Daytona

Periodontists are dentists who specialise in the mechanisms of your teeth rather than only the teeth themselves. They are interested in the anatomy of how teeth are kept in the mouth, as well as gums and diseases that impair them.

The name periodontist is derived from the Greek words ‘peri’ (around) and ‘odous’ (tooth). It’s no wonder, then, that they examine the supportive mechanisms surrounding your teeth and how they interact with your teeth for optimal oral health.

If the gums are good, they may be pink and hug the teeth they surround tightly. This ensures bacteria has a difficult time moving between the gum and the tooth, resulting in a healthier mouth. If your gums are diseased or weakened in some way, they can fit around your teeth more loosely, allowing bacteria to enter and expand in pockets. When your gums are unhealthy, your teeth can not be adequately anchored, which may create problems when you feed and smile. When somebody has braces for their teeth, gums that aren’t in good shape may often trigger complications.

When teeth aren’t correctly anchored, an orthodontist can’t begin therapy to shift them to their ideal location.

Gum decay is a serious problem, and we are constantly reminded of the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth properly. A periodontist may assess the gum condition and how it’s developing, and also work with you to reverse it so you don’t lose teeth or develop a gum or jaw disease that’s more difficult and costly to handle.

Keeping our teeth and mouths safe and tidy goes a fair way in avoiding gum decay and keeping you away from the periodontist, but they are still experts in other areas such as trauma and preventative medicine.

A periodontist is a surgeon who then specialised in tooth systems to become the specialists that they are. They may be a lesser-known professional, but they do fantastic work and keep the smile looking fantastic!