The Three Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

It’s that time of year, about halfway through the season, when your air conditioner really begins to work hard. This is also the busiest time of year for service calls, according to air conditioning experts. However, not every air conditioner issue necessitates the assistance of a specialist. Here are the top three air conditioner issues that are causing the device to malfunction.Do you want to learn more? explained in this post

Incorrect Operation
The most common AC problem, according to the US Department of Energy, is user error. For example, if the outside air is humid and you leave the air conditioner running for several hours, the coils can freeze. Close all exterior doors and windows, including your garage and attic doors, tightly to keep your AC running properly. However, keep interior doors open to allow for unlimited airflow. If you need to seal off a space, close the vent in that room as much as possible. Make sure your thermostat is set to “automatic” rather than “fan,” as the fan will continually pull in hot, outdoor air. Set the temperature so that the device can turn on and off periodically. To get warm air out of the property, always use the bathroom vent when showering and the range hood vent when cooking.

Filter is dirty or incorrect.
Dirty air filters are a common cause of AC failure, second only to user error. If you live in a dusty environment, have pets, or just have a lot of activity in your home, your filter may need to be changed more often than the normal 30 days. Many modern “high quality” filters do not allow enough air to circulate through older AC systems, so choose your filter carefully. As long as you don’t have a newer, high-efficiency AC system, some air conditioner technicians suggest the old-fashioned fibreglass or woven polyester filters because they allow enough air to flow through while still collecting a fair amount of dust and debris. Always check the filter form recommended by the AC unit manufacturer, or ask your skilled AC technician for advice. Keep your filter, no matter which one you use, immaculately clean.

Inadequate (or non-existent) upkeep
When it comes to the air conditioner, many people assume that out of sight is out of mind. To put it another way, if it’s working and cooling, there’s no need to be concerned. This could not be more untrue. Every year, the air conditioning system should be tested and tuned up. Many air conditioning companies run specials in the spring, which is the perfect time for a tune-up. Annual maintenance tune-ups ensure that the machine runs smoothly in the summer. Checking coolant levels, belts, fuses, connections, drain pan/lines, and thermostat calibration are common maintenance services.

If your issues persist after you’ve double-checked your thermostat settings, checked your breakers, and changed the filter, it’s probably time to call a pro. Aside from the issues mentioned here, the homeowner can comfortably handle just a few AC repairs. Make an appointment for your annual air conditioner tune-up next year so you can stay cool all summer.