Roswell Roof Replacement Facts

Roof replacements are the traditional method of replacing a flat roof. While a modern roof replacement would include metal pieces being attached to the existing roof, replacing a flat roof involves tearing everything away from the roof, removing any shingles, and then replacing them with new felt paper and tiles. A roof replacement however can often be completed regardless of how many layers of asphalt shingles are on the roof, which means that it can be completed even if a rebooting isn’t an option.Roswell Roof Replacement is an excellent resource for this.

Depending on where you live in the country, there may not be a council which requires a roof replacement as part of the building code. If you are unsure whether your area has this requirement or not, contact your local council and inquire about what their requirements are. Regardless, of whether or not a roof replacement is required by your area, if it is then you need to make sure you know exactly what the procedure is before starting your project. A good rule of thumb is that you should have at least one year before beginning work. This allows you plenty of time to find an experienced and qualified contractor who can handle the job well, and it gives you time to plan your work and get everything arranged.

One thing that many people fail to take into account is the difference between a flat roof and a pitched roof. When installing a slate or tile roof, you usually only have a few days to prepare for the installation, but a pitched roof has to be prepared for at least a year, sometimes longer. This includes tearing down the shingle and attaching the underlayment, which is another process that takes longer. Once the underlayment is in place, you have to figure out whether you need to flash around the edge of the roof (if the installation is of a pitched roof), and you also have to decide whether you need a metal roof or a tile roof. Finally, you have to choose whether you want to have your flashing made to resemble tile or vinyl – a process known as “peeling”. Each of these steps can add several more days to your project, so you should plan carefully.


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