Puff Bar -Summary

A disposable electronic cigarette is frequently called a ‘Puff Bar’, but they can also be called’smoke cartridges’ and ‘nickel chips’ too. They come fully loaded with vaporized e-liquid, without the messy chore of filling a standard e Cig tank with liquid. Most disposable Vaporizers are made to be extremely easy to utilize. They have an on/off switch which makes it very easy to control how much vapor is produced in each puff and come complete with an instruction booklet. Checkout puff bar for more info.


In addition to the puff bar and disposable vaporizer kits there are other kits available to enhance your enjoyment of vaporizing on the go. I like to use two vaporizing devices at one time. One for normal flavored e-liquids, and one for powerful mint flavors. I will typically gravitate to a lighter mint flavor, such as peppermint if I am out on a nice evening, or a stronger flavor if I’m out and about. These kits usually come with matching flavors as well, making it easy to find one you enjoy when you are searching for a new flavor. Many of these flavors are very good, so you won’t need to waste money by ordering them from multiple sites.

Some people who are very particular about the exact flavor of their puff bars, or other products, will order personalized items from online catalogs. Some of these flavors include: carrot apple, chocolate mint, double chocolate, creamy white, lemon mint, and plain grape. You can choose flavors from popular niches such as chocolate mint, lemon mint, and carrot apple; and some even offer additional options such as fruit flavors, chocolate, peppermint, and so forth.

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