Party Rentals and Entertainment Tips

If you’re having a big party, you’ll probably need to rent a lot of things. Careful preparation is the secret to saving money.

Tents are a popular option. Renting a tent and not using it is often preferable to making thousands of wet guests searching for shelter. This does not imply that you would cover the entire yard. If the weather turns bad, you’ll need enough tent coverage to compensate for the lack of space inside.Visit Party Go Round, Amelia for more details.

Don’t take chances when it comes to weddings or other special occasions. Rent a tent that will comfortably fit all of your guests. Furthermore, here’s a helpful hint: rent a tent floor. Your visitors would not want to dance on a wet and mushy lawn. A floor rental allows visitors to walk around more easily and prevents them from tripping and falling.

Consider calling around for deals as soon as you have a party date to save money on your tent rental. Many tent rental companies will lower their rates if you pay for the service up front and in cash. It’s a smart idea to combine your rentals if you need a bar, linens, tables, or chairs. Ask for a bulk discount and shop around for individual prices. When you bundle your rentals into one order, you can save ten to twenty percent over buying them separately.

Another way to save money on party rentals is to schedule ahead of time. Inform the party rental company of your expectations and that you are open to suggestions. If the party rental company recognises your expectations, they can be able to provide you with some interesting ideas. Keep in mind that price isn’t everything; the cheapest tent rental company that arrives late and sets up dirty or broken tents isn’t worth the small savings. Look for a reputable rental company with a good track record of providing excellent service.

Some event entertainment companies will also provide you with a variety of equipment rentals. Since they buy in bulk, the event entertainment company will also get you a great deal on tents and other supplies if an act needs lighting, lights, and sound. Pick entertainment that your guests would appreciate. Although bands often require elaborate staging and rigging, novelty acts are much more adaptable. By hiring a stand-up comic, magician, or juggler, you can offer quality entertainment to your guests without having to invest in expensive staging. Stage hypnotists, belly dancers, and celebrity impersonators who pose as Elvis or Michael Jackson are among the other fun party entertainment options.

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