Oakville Eavestrough and Siding Installers for Homes

One question that many home owners face is house siding installation. What kind of siding, what color, textured, smooth, and all the other options. This is a decision that is hard to make, but can make your home. Have a look at Oakville Eavestrough and Siding Installers.

When thinking about house siding installation there are a few things to take in consideration. Should insulated siding be used? Insulated siding will increase the R-Value of the home. It would save money for the home owner and actually help pay for the siding.

Start out by getting samples of the type of siding available in the area. Get different colored samples and some of the textured ones too. Check the siding that is currently on the residence. Siding can be installed over wood and only wood, but make sure there is no rotting or bug infestation.

It would be a tragedy to go to all the expense and work of house siding installation, only to find out a year or so down the road that it is infested. If aluminum siding is on the house, it will need to be removed before new siding can be installed. There may be a fee to have it disposed of in some areas.

After checking prices with contractors in the area and what it would cost to do the siding by hand, the decision was made to do the house siding installation yourself.The type of siding has been selected for the house siding installation. Following the instructions that were available at the lumber store, the amount needed for the project has been ordered.

Just in case there is a need for additional siding, extra was ordered along with the rest of the materials needed to accomplish the job. While waiting for the siding to arrive, it is time to get the yard ready. The lawn ornaments, flower pots, and bird bath need to be moved or stored. Plants, scrubs and flowers need to be marked off so they wont be damaged when the siding is delivered.

Once the siding has arrived, installation can begin. Starting work on one side of the residence; trim, moisture barrier and flashing need to be installed. Horizontal chalk lines need to be applied and checked for accuracy. Following the information about the house siding installation; one side of the home is done at a time.

Spaces for the vents, pipes, conduits, and electrical boxes need to be cut out of the siding. Cutting the seam in the center of the obstacle can sometimes be best. This can make the cutting of the siding easier.