Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations – Guide

The Ohio green team is out in force trying to get doctors to write articles for them about the many benefits of medical marijuana. But this doesn’t mean that all doctors are on board and many won’t write such articles because they don’t want to be associated with pot smokers. The State of Ohio has rules and regulations in place that they must go by and if they don’t or can’t they can’t practice in the State of Ohio.Checkout Ohio Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations for more info.

So what’s the latest? The Ohio green team – doctors & physicians have formed a statewide task force to address the lack of research. They’re hoping to put together comprehensive guidelines for clinics and hospitals across the state to promote medical cannabis use and development. The task force will also make recommendations for regulating the commercial production of cannabis products. Right now the cultivation of cannabis plants is strictly regulated at the state level, but it looks like the Ohio green team might want to take a national look at how they regulate the commercial production facilities.

The bottom line is that there are many medical marijuana doctors out there who feel very strongly about the safety and benefits of this plant for treatment. For them, it’s more about patients and their rights than about profits. They’ve taken an oath to practice medicine and that includes helping people with pain management and other medical issues. Whether you’re a physician who wants to add medical marijuana use to your practice or are an advocate for patients’ rights, it’s time to speak out.