Master Scholarship positions in Economics and Finance at Cemfi

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Finance is an umbrella term for the movement of money from one company to another (or individual) to pay for goods or services and repaid with interest. Do you want to learn more? Visit original site.

The subject it is actually a part of is economics which is also used to manage assets both monetary and fixed. Depending on your viewpoint, it can also be used to define the subject of managing the funds that the private and business sector uses. A company that has funds to manage will, more than likely, employ the services of a finance manager who is likely an expert in the field of economics.

Simply put these managers arrange money to be lent to businesses or private individuals using either money already available from company accounts or from external lenders. The term optimization is used to explain the procedure whereby finance is maximized by reducing costs and increasing the return. The lives of almost everyone on this planet revolve around finance and when poor management occurs, the effects are seen globally with reductions in production and sales which obviously feed world markets. That is why, a fund managers job is stressful as they must be careful where they allocate their funds and the potential risk involved thereafter.

It has been said by a number of people that finance managers can often be ‘time’ short sighted as they rarely look a the long term ‘bigger picture’. Finance managers are people who always like to see where they have been and do not look towards the future in the same way that a sales manager does. Some problems arise for the number of businesses that arrange loans and then use them for personal reasons, forgetting that this clearly defined barrier exists. Managers are rarely impressed with this situation as they believe they have aright to know what their money is being used for.