Mandeville School of Music & Dance- A Summary

What are you looking for in classes? The best style of class for preschoolers involves group stretching, incorporates rhythm and a wide range of possibilities of movement with a variety of music, and also uses props such as scarves, tambourines, or shakers. Often a teacher may use records with instructional games or dances, but a constant diet reveals an inexperienced instructor without her own imaginative guidance. Checkout Mandeville School of Music & Dance for more info.

Beginning in the kindergarten era, a lot of schools do ballet and tap hybrid lessons. Many schools have jazz, but for teaching jazz, second grade is typically very early. Many young children don’t have the physical ability to perform jazz movement and shouldn’t be in a complete jazz class until grade three or four. (Why waste the extra money on the shoes??) By third or fourth grade, most kids can tolerate an hour to an hour and a quarter of Ballet or Tap or Jazz only.

Another big question is “What about pointe?” Most little girls dream of standing on their toes one day, but the fact is most shouldn’t be! The feet and legs must be solid, the bones and muscles grow and the technical skill must be good before starting pointe training. Point training AT THE BARRE can be begun around age 10 or 11, but age 12 is preferred.

Attaining a certain age is NOT automatic grounds for starting point research and I should be very wary of using just age as criterion to any degree. Some teachers fear that they should leave schools if a child tries to go on the point and is not allowed. A good instructor will continue to say “no” to that student, unless they have the requisite strength and technique. This is Really IMPORTANT because the feet or legs of a child may get hurt, and they might never dance again.