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In the shoe, this padding forces the heel slightly forward, allowing the foot to slip down the orthotic too far. The orthotic ‘arch’ is now going to be much farther back, and this may be the cause of pain. Another instance involves shoes within the shoe that already incorporate arch padding. While this padding provides no true support on its own the bulk of its thickness can slightly push the orthotic out of balance in the foot, or it can fully prevent its fitting. Prior to wearing orthotics, this internal padding needs to be removed. Often in one loose piece, this material is quickly removed and other times it is gently glued into the foot.To get more information try out here Barrie Orthotics

If it is stitched in, it will be difficult to remove and will leave a rough surface on which to rest the foot. In this instance, a different shoe should be selected. Finally, as a potential cause of break-in failure, the medical condition leading to the use of orthotics in the first place must be considered. If anyone has a foot disorder in which there is a persistent state of inflammation and tissue damage, and this has not yet healed, then pain and discomfort can be caused by the application of a firm device under the irritated tissue. Certain conditions must be healed or adequately changed, such as those involving heel or arch injury, before an orthotic can be properly tolerated. If the condition is treated, the orthotic will work more easily and will generally lead to avoiding the return of the condition if it is directly connected to one’s foot structure (as many foot problems are).

After all external factors are accounted for, and one has been through a correct break-in phase, a cause for concern should be any continuation of orthotic discomfort. It is at this somewhat unusual time that factors such as improper casting, prescribing, and manufacturing need to be recognised as a source of continued discomfort.

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