Keeping It Custom: Unique Wall Art for a Living Room

If you want to offer a completely unique look to your living room, beautifully crafted pieces of wall art might be the perfect solution. You’ll find an almost infinite number of choices when selecting wall art, some of which can be very rare and exclusive. Another fascinating choice is wall sculptures, in addition to the normal paintings and prints. Or, pick a hanging tapestry wall, paint a wall mural or create your own piece of wall art by simply framing something unique. If you need a bit of decorating inspiration, here are a few fun wall art ideas to consider.Click here to find more about Los Angeles wall art are here.

Oversized Kunst

Even if you prefer the look of more traditional paintings and prints, by selecting an oversize piece, you can add a unique look to your walls. For instance, why not use a huge piece as a backdrop behind the entire sofa instead of hanging a traditionally-sized painting over your sofa? By showing an oversized art piece on a wall devoid of furniture or other decorative accessories, you can also make a clear design statement in the living room. Build the ultimate in oversized art by covering a painted mural over an entire wall. You might also paint the mural yourself if you have any creative talent. For a contemporary-styled living room, large geometric forms, patterns or stripes will provide the perfect accent.

Sculptures from the Wall

Decorating your living room with wall sculptures can be a great deal of fun, since there are so many possible choices to choose from. You definitely won’t run out of design options, if you prefer the sleek look of metal wall sculptures or the rustic look of wood. Consider getting a piece of custom sculpture made specifically for you if you want to give your living room a truly unique look. The design of your own custom piece of wall sculpture can also be enjoyable. You can convey your emotions by making an abstract sculpture, even if you don’t have the artistic ability needed to produce a functional piece.

Tapestries from the Wall

The best way to illustrate and accentuate the theme of a room is also a beautiful wall tapestry. For example, for your Southwestern style living room, a uniquely crafted and patterned Indian blanket could be the perfect wall hanging. While online and in shops you’ll find plenty of beautiful tapestries, regular art and craft shows for local originals can be enjoyable. Not only can you contribute to your living room’s unique charm, but you will also do your part to help the local arts.

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