Is Hair Transplant The Right Treatment For You?

Hair transplant is a medical procedure that involves taking hair from one part of your body, usually the donor site, to a bald or shedding part of your body called the ‘patient site’. This procedure is mainly used to treat male pattern hair loss. In men, hair transplant can be used to cover the bald spot resulting from shaving or waxing. In women, hair transplant can be used to correct the hair loss from pregnancy, hormonal changes or stress. The procedure is also sometimes used to restore thick, fuller hair that is lost due to chemotherapy. Have a look at hair transplant in Melbourne.

One advantage of using hair transplant when compared with other methods of hair loss restoration is the speed with which it occurs. Unlike in the case of surgery, hair loss can be treated very quickly after undergoing a hair transplant procedure. Also, in case of surgery, a patient may have to suffer from a temporary hair loss for up to six months or more before being able to resume normal activities.

Hair transplants have also shown some level of success in the case of those suffering from male pattern baldness, where hair loss develops at the front and top of the scalp. In such cases, the hair transplant procedure is most often performed on the bald area. On the other hand, hair transplant procedures are usually not recommended for women suffering from female balding or thinning because the procedure cannot provide a complete remedy for female thinning. Moreover, the effects of the procedure tend to wear off over time, and new hairs are continually growing from the donor sites even after a woman stops getting her hair transplant.