How To Save A Water-Damaged iPhone – Important Reminder!

Is your iPhone dead as a result of getting wet? It’s likely that you’ll always be able to save it. Simply follow these easy steps to significantly improve the odds of resurrecting your iPhone. Do you want to learn more? view more about it

1. Turn off your phone and collect ten to thirty silica packets.

If you’ve ever wondered what those little bags in your shoe case were about or how they now apply to your iPhone, I’ll tell you. Silica bags not only protect against rain, but they also help to avoid a variety of water damage. The provision of the previously listed bags is the first step in the process of saving your iPhone. You will usually find them at your neighbourhood shoe or hardware store for a reasonable price.

2. Arrange the bags in an orderly manner.

Next, like the earphone or charger dock on a domestic film wrap, put the bags at all the tiny entrances on your iPhone. Wrap the film and silica bags tightly around the iPhone, ensuring that the silica bags remain in place. Rubber bands may also be used to secure the silica bags in place. Now locate a safe, warm location where you can dry your phone. Since certain materials cannot withstand high heat, heaters and stoves are not recommended; instead, a room at room temperature or slightly above is recommended. All you have to do now is exercise some patience, and a few prayers won’t hurt, and your iPhone should be saved.