Features of All American Fence

What is the first priority for every dog owner? Keep it safe and secure for your dog! An underground dog fence may be just the ticket in many instances. Perhaps the association of your homeowner does not allow for unsightly fencing that your dog will contain. Perhaps the cost of a traditional fence is just not included in your budget. Perhaps your determined dog continues to find ways through, beneath or above your traditional fence. Whatever the reason, if properly installed and your dog properly trained, the underground dog fence is an effective, humane and low-cost solution for most dogs.You may find more information at All American Fence.

What is a fence for an underground dog? An underground dog fence is a system consisting of a radio transmitter, a wire that acts as a transmitting antenna and a collar with a receiver that, when your dog gets too close, picks up the radio signal from the fence. The collar beeps warning him to stay behind when your dog enters the warning area near the wire. If he continues to move towards the wire, a static shock or correction will be given to him. Some systems have gradual corrections so that the closer the dog advances towards the wire, the stronger the static shock it receives.

There is some controversy over the humane aspect of providing an animal with a shock to deter him. However, most experts agree that these systems are very humane and secure when an underground dog fence is properly installed and the dog is properly trained to the fence. When your dog runs out into traffic or gets lost, consider the alternative. There is some possibility of your dog being traumatised by the shock of being improperly trained and/or the correction levels are too high for the size and temperament of your particular dog. With these systems, proper training is critical for success.