Eyebrow Threading- An Intro

Eyebrow Threading is an amazing technique used to remove unwanted facial hair, by using threads of pure cotton and twisting it over the hair, it can quickly be removed at the follicle level. This is picking up in popularity so much due to the fact that it is not only painless when performed correctly, but also incredibly effective! By removing strips of hair at a time, styling eyebrows can now be easy as far as obtaining perfect lines and creating a very sleek and attractive look. Checkout Eyebrow Threading for more info.

Eyebrow threading might be the up and coming trend, but it’s actually an ancient technique that’s been practiced in eastern countries for a very long time. Persian women would have this done as a sign of becoming a woman, a girl would receive this across her entire face, removing all peach fuzz and styling her eyebrows and hairline. In other countries this was reserved for a woman’s wedding day but over time became more of a common practice.

Threading isn’t just for women, many men receive it as well, it is an amazing way for a man to style his facial hair without having to trim everyday, since the entire follicle is removed he can have his hair evened up and not worry about it every morning. As spas and salons continue to pick up this ancient tradition we’ll continue to see eyebrow threading become a special activity, most women that perform eyebrow threading learned at a very young age from their mothers, making it a truly unique and fun experience for any westerner having the pleasure of trying it.

In a more in-depth look into how eyebrow threading works by taking pure cotton and twisting a few of the strands, both ends go in each hand with 1 strand going into the persons mouth, as the hands are moved side to side it caused the strand connected to the mouth to slide the twists in the cotton, as the twists move over the hair it gets twisted inside and then pulled away leaving a perfect strip of removed hair.

Many women have learned a way to tie the thread around their fingers allowing them to do this on themselves, it’s a harder technique that requires more time and practice as you are moving your hands and fingers while trying to stay very precise and on target.