Drinking Structured Water – An Insight

I’ve had several clients who have contacted me asking about a residential structured water system because they notice their bottled water is not being distributed as efficiently as when they first purchased it. They also notice that at the end of the month their bill is a bit higher than what it was the entire month before. Their explanation was that at the beginning of the month, they had a large amount of water damage and organic sediment in their water lines that had to be cleaned out. original site
The other common explanation offered to me has to do with the quality of the plastic water bottles that people use to store their drinking water in. If someone buys a plastic bottle with a whole house water system, they can put that bottle directly into the hot tub or sauna where the spring water is supposed to be coming from, and they will notice that it’s much better tasting and sometimes a little cleaner than the bottled version. But this is not an advisable practice for people who are attempting to purify their drinking water, as plastic bottles Leach chemicals into the liquid that is stored within them, and they are not advised to drink the tap water straight from the tap.
In summary, if someone is considering purchasing a whole house drinking structured water unit, make sure to consider the pros and cons of each unit type. Structured units are more efficient at removing sediment, and they remove more chemical contaminants from the drinking liquid. Plastic bottles are cheaper, but leaching chemicals into the liquid that is stored within them is a real concern. For a person who is serious about their health, it’s really important to purchase a unit that removes as many of these impurities as possible, so that the most healthy water is actually consumed.