Different Types Of Windows And Shutters

A window shutter is typically a sturdy and solid window covering usually made up of a long frame of wooden slats and vertical rods attached to it. Mounted within this wooden frame is usually louvers, glass, fabric and just about any other material that can safely be mounted on top of the frame. There are many manufacturers of these types of shutters and each one has a style that they are known for. Some of these manufacturers are: Raymarine, Prestige, Remodit, Shutter Shack and Vertical Windows.Feel free to find more information at shutters colchester.

Louvers are the most commonly used type of shutters and usually come in two types, either louvered or solid louvers. A louvered shutter allows light to penetrate into the room from both the inside and the outside and these types of shutters usually have some sort of glass or frame on both sides. The most common use for this type of shutter is to keep the hot sun out of the home during the summer months and to allow fresh air in during the winter. These types of shutters usually have two pieces of glass which are attached to each other by a long vertical rod and are known as a louvered panel. There are also solid louvered shutters that use a solid panel of glass on the top that spans across the length of the window frame and these shutters are often referred to as solid shutters. Louvered shutters are typically the more popular style because they provide a decorative look to a home as well as adding insulation to a home.

Fabric shutters consist of panels of plastic or wood that are placed on top of a wooden or metal frame to create the shutters. These shutters are popular because they are easier to clean than most other shutters and they do not retain any dust or debris. Most of these shutters use a zipper system for light control and most of them have louvers that adjust to allow any amount of light to come into the room. Some of these shutters also use a knob or a crank to increase or decrease the amount of light that comes into the room.

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