Danville Bondsman Details

A bail bondsman is a person, corporation or firm who will perform as a guarantee and swear in exchange of cash or property, the availability of a certain defendant in judicial proceedings for a court appearance. The bail bondsman will hold the bail or post a bond with the judicial proceedings for when the accused person appears in the court on the date scheduled. There are many different types of bail bondsmen, the type will depend on the nature of the crime the accused person is being charged with. For example, if you were accused of stealing, breaking into a store or committing a sex offense then you would want to work with a bondsman who is experienced with these types of cases.Feel free to find more information at Danville bondsman.

When working with a bail bondsman, it is imperative that you find one with outstanding customer service and has clean past records. You should also ask about any fines or charges against the defendant, which were found during a check of their records. A reputable bail bondsman will be willing to provide all of this information with no charge. Once you have found the right Bail bondsman you can give them a call or come in to talk directly with them to further discuss your case.

Some states will require a bail bondsman to post a bond with the county or state in order to guarantee the release of the defendant. Most states only require that they post a bond with the judicial proceedings and provide a surety bond which is a bond against the defendant stating they will appear in court on the date scheduled. This bond amount will be forfeited if the defendant does not appear as required. There will also be additional fees that are associated with the bail bondsman. These fees are typically paid upon the defendant’s failure to appear and once they have been paid the case will be dismissed.