A Listing of Guest Column Skin Advice for The Menfolk

Every step of your skin-care routine should be geared toward ensuring that your skin performs at its best. So, go over your goods, think about all of your treatments, examine your skin habits and lifestyle decisions, and then ask yourself… “Is this assisting my skin’s optimal function?” If the answer is no, you already know what you should do! However, if you’re not a qualified skin care therapist, determining exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing can be challenging, so here’s some guidance to get you started. Do you want to learn more? Visit original site

This is the part of skin care that no one likes to talk about, but if you want great-looking skin, you’ll have to think about how your lifestyle affects your skin and maybe take steps to change it. I’ll keep this short and won’t lecture you, but if you have broken capillaries on your cheeks, you may want to rethink the extra glass of red wine with your evening meal, and if you can’t bear looking at those fine lines around your eyes, try drinking a little more water. Simply use your common sense; a little of what we like won’t hurt, but it’s worth remembering that what we put in our bodies reflects on the outside.

There is a plethora of items to choose from, but how are you supposed to know the ones are right for you if you’re not a certified skin care therapist? It’s just that you can’t really remember. As a certified Dermalogica Skin Therapist, I spent a week researching the products were best for which skin types, despite the fact that you’re supposed to know as soon as you step into a store. My recommendation is to seek professional advice… it’s completely free. Anyone can come into my skin care centre and I’ll tell them exactly what kind of product they need; it’s part of my work.