Different Types Of Ear Piercing

Ear piercing, also known as ear piercing or body piercing, is the process of removing an existing piercing, creating an entry for jewelry, or in some cases inserting an artificial implant into the skin. This practice has been present for centuries and can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, when people would wear pieces of metals, such as gold and copper, in their ears to signify their rank and wealth. In more modern times, piercing is often used to create a name or even a fashion statement. The choice to do so will likely be influenced by a person’s personality, style, or possibly to accentuate one’s sense of style. There are several common types of ear piercings that a person may choose from. Get more info about PiercingShop.

Earlobe Piercing’s The earlobe piercing is probably the most well-known type of ear piercing and it can be found in both the European and Oriental styles. It is often seen that people with smaller or average sized ear lobes tend to have thicker and larger lobes and this may cause them to be more inclined towards ear piercing. Earlobe piercings are often done via surgical means, but they can also be performed through other methods such as dermal fillers, natural body piercings, or even on the spot with an acupoint. There are many different variations of the earlobe, but typically they consist of two large hoops with small plates that anchor to the base of each hoop. These plates can be made from metal or plastic and may also be colored to mimic natural body hair. Earlobe piercings are best suited for people who plan on wearing earrings or other jewelry with large pieces.

Flapheal/lining Piercings Also known as a foreign object in the ear (or in the mouth), a flathead is usually made from a thin, flexible piece of metal that is stretched across the bottom section of an ear lobe, while a lining is either engraved or painted onto the metal before it is fitted. If you are looking for a temporary ear piercing that can be removed in a couple of days, then a flathead would be a good choice. Flapheal/lining piercing should not be considered if you are planning to wear jewelry of any sort because it will be very noticeable. On the other hand, if you want your ear lobe to look smooth, neat, and symmetrical, then a lining will be the right choice.

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