Booking Your Wedding Cars

Booking your wedding cars isn’t just about numbers; it’s about timing and who goes where. With some careful considerations, you should be able to work out:

Numbers: When it comes to bookings for your wedding cars, numbers count. Not everyone can fit into the designated driver quota. The best way to get ready for your wedding is to book at least two vehicles – each with a driver – and have them meet at the venue for a drive down the highway prior to the ceremony. If your venue doesn’t offer a private limo for use by the bridal party, have them meet in a public area like a restaurant or bar so they can share driving costs. This is especially important if the ceremony is during a busy time of year (such as on a weekday) when driving from a church service to the reception can be a major pain in the neck. Checkout Blog Post for more info.

Timing: Not only do you need to book wedding cars early on the morning of the day of the wedding but you should also consider them well into the afternoon if you are going to be using them for transportation to the ceremony location. The reason why is because you want to be able to find your wedding car in one piece and you don’t want it collecting dust behind your house. Once you have arrived at the venue, it’s time to get started and get the transport organized. You want everything to go off without a hitch and to ensure your guests arrive in one piece and with a smile!