An Update On VIN verification

What is a VIN Verifications? VIN verification is an independent, visual examination of a vehicle to determine that the Vehicle Identification Number on the car matches the correct title or registration document. This inspection can usually be performed by a Colorado license plate shop, or by a Colorado certified vehicle inspection station (i.e., approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles). The Department of Motor Vehicles also allows for an applicant to waive the VIN test if they have had their vehicle for at least three years.Checkout vin verification for more info.

Is it legal to do a VIN verification on my own vehicles? Yes, you are allowed to perform a VIN verification on your own vehicles. However, if you are looking for information on these types of vehicle files, then you should consider using a reputable vehicle data check company. The fee that they charge for this type of verification is nominal, especially when compared to what you will save by preventing fraudulent claims on your insurance. You can also use these vehicle data checks on new and used vehicles for your family’s safety.

What are the advantages of a vin verification form? There are many advantages to performing a VIN verification on your vehicle. By doing a physical inspection on your vehicle before making a purchase you can avoid purchasing a vehicle that has been involved in a wreck, hit by an uninsured driver or has had some other incident that might have caused it to have a misaligned windshield, worn down paint job or other serious mechanical problems. Once you receive your certificate from the inspecting authority proving that your vehicle does not possess these defects, you can save a significant amount of money on your vehicle insurance premiums.


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