5 Reasons You Need A New Web Host

Web and hosting systems have been making a number of strides in the last few years. Technologies have increasingly become obsolete and web hosting businesses have sought to sell their customers new and enhanced services. Unfortunately, the importance of turning gears and moving on to better services is still not understood by some web hosts. Perhaps it is time to move on and let someone else host your website if that describes your own web host. Here are five signs that you urgently need a shift.Checkout https://www.beyondfashionmagazine.com/lifestyle/successful-entrepreneur-kevin-blanchard-sharing-his-secrets-to-success-and-how-he-started-servermania/ for more info.

  1. If sexual advertising comes with your free or shared webhosting services, then it’s definitely time to go. Recently, complaints against GoDaddy.com, the world’s leading hosting service over their overuse of pornographic ads in the webspace of their customers, have risen. This means that more users on GoDaddy servers who have hosted their websites are likely to have sexually-themed ads appear on their website.
  2. If your web hosting company has encountered a lot of downtime or bandwidth crunch, be on the lookout for a business that doesn’t have these issues. Often, when there is a lot of rush on your website, bandwidth crunch does occur; but if it’s all too often, you need to reconsider your host. Sometimes, what happens is that the marketing team of your hosting provider can attempt to oversell your product by offering you unlimited bandwidth and space. You may be happy to buy into that, but they sure don’t owe you what they mean. That is why so much downtime is faced by your website. If it has been happening all too long, however, and because of it, you are losing sales, you should not wait to exchange goodbyes.
  3. You do not have room for heavy files to be uploaded, even though your webhost claims that you have unlimited space. This could have been such a nightmare! CyberCoral recently established an advisory against web hosting companies providing unrestricted space at throwaway rates on their servers. Now this is worth thinking – if dedicated servers are too pricey, why would web hosts sell you a fraction of the cost of all the space in the world? They’re probably trying to lead you to buy something you wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.
  4. Some providers of web hosting face a lot of denial of service attacks (DDoS). These attacks which block the networks of their services and prevent you from accessing your website that may be on the network affected. Again, this means that you could end up losing a lot of business. The more web hosting services struggle to prevent you from such assaults, the more downtime your website faces. Moving to a web host that has advanced security networks is safer.
  5. Another issue with some web hosts is that, because of a series of internal network events that corrupt router data tables, they experience a lot of service outages. There is no point waiting around for them to finally come to their senses and give you professional services if this sounds like your web host. Chances are, if they have not yet understood how important your company is to them, they will never know this.