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As an agent or salesperson in commercial real estate, there is no need to fail. Many that are having difficulty normally have a single, apparent problem as an agent. They don’t have a structure to follow. They accept each day for what it is. Every day, we have a lot to do as salespeople. Regardless of what happens on a daily basis, top agents will stick to their strategy. They get to the important things that will help them grow their company within reason. I’m sure you can identify with the following concerns:

You will be aware of the activities that you should engage in on a daily basis. You’ll know exactly what matters most in terms of expanding your business. You’ll also discover what’s preventing you from succeeding as an agent. The reasons we fail in our industry are almost always self-inflicted. We become engrossed in activities that we should not be doing, or we become overwhelmed. Stuff we have to do are often very difficult for us to consider. Prospecting and cold calling are similar. Have a look at Davy Talley – Keller Williams.

We are wired to stop something we don’t want. Unfortunately, all of those factors would hasten our progress in the industry. Here is a list of items that most salespeople can do every day before doing something else, in my opinion: Get on the phone and call 40 local business owners to find out what their property requirements are.

Check back with former clients to see how their property needs and problems are progressing. Investigate any potential property owners in the region with whom you have not previously spoken. Examine all of the listings in the area to see if anything has changed.

Examine the internet listings for the region to see what the asking rents and rates are. Examine the outcomes of recent sales and leases to learn the final outcomes of each completed property transaction. It’s worth noting that I haven’t said anything about my latest listings or clients. Property inspections and meetings are also not reported. The six things mentioned above, in my opinion, are more critical than anything else. When these six steps are followed correctly, the listing base and real estate agent will receive more leads and prospects.