The Fundamentals Of Tint World

Tinting the windows of your vehicle is the most practical way to personalize your car and improve its appearance. Tinted car windows protect the driver and passengers from direct sunlight, hide them from public eye, and strengthen the car window. Tinted windows create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Here, in this post we will overview the films for tinting car windows.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Tint World.

Protective Anti-grit car tinting
Protective Anti-grit tint films protect car bumper, hood, fenders, or the entire surface of the vehicle from scratches, chips, gravel, and other mechanical damages. Due to its flexibility this type of film can be applied to any part of the car body, leaving no visible traces of its application.

Colorful film
Colorful film is applied to the vehicle body color. This tint protects the surface of the car or changes its appearance. Such tints can give texture to the vehicle or its elements, for example, highlight the bumper or hood

Complicated auto tinting
Usually auto tinting is carried out within one hour by specialists, as for the same type of work for foreign cars; it will take 1.5 to 2 hours. There are several decorative protective films for various types of vehicles designed to improve the performance properties and appearance of the car, as well as improve its safety.

Sunlight dubbing films
Sunlight dubbing films will help prevent overheating of the dashboard of your vehicle in the summer. The film reflects ultraviolet light, absorbs bright sunlight and eliminates sun glare that provides comfortable conditions in the salon during the sunny and hot days.

Protective films
Protective “Armor” film is capable of giving the necessary additional strength to the glasses. Glass with a protective film is hard to beat or shoot that provides protection for the car driver and passenger in the vehicle. This film has a thickness from 50 up to 200 microns. It is applied to the outer side of the car windows of. This film is reliable as it resists impact.

Decorative film
Decorative films are often used for design issues. Such decorative films don’t provide safety but are nice and give the car a whole new look

A-thermal film
It is obvious that this type of film is just made to reflect the sun’s UV rays and control heat in the car salon. Such films usually have high prices

Colored film with the transition
The transition is from black to any color -red, green, blue. Visually it has a very original look if the color of the film matches with the color of the car. But there is one thing – looking from inside you see that same things have red, green or blue shadows that is not very good for your eyes. Tired eyes make the object lose the real color. So, such films are not recommended for a long time use on your vehicle windows

Removable silicone toning
This film can be successfully installed on windows.It has various percentage related to light transmission value of 5 %, 15 %, 20 % from darker colors to the lightest ones.

Mirror film
Mirror films have transparency of 10 %, 20 % and 35 %. They provide wonderful visibility inside. They give the car an unusual appearance but are 20% more expensive than regular films.