Shutters Monmouth -The Different Types of Exterior Shutters

A window shutter is normally a strong and durable window covering typically consisting of an opening frame of wooden slats and horizontal wooden rails. Often times, the size and style of your shutters will dictate the style of hardware you choose to use. They are often referred to as louvers because they can be opened fully or partially to let in more light or to block out light completely. There are several styles of shutters available, including casement, swing and tilt. Some shutters also have louvers and/or fixed panels that open and close along different hinges. These types of window shutters are known as Venetian or bell shaped shutters.Checkout shutters monmouth for more info.

Louvered and solid panel shutters are typically made from materials such as vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. With louvered shutters, a variety of colors and textures are available to compliment your interior decor; however, solid panel shutters provide greater insulation benefits due to their solid construction and material composition. Most shutters consist of two pieces: the top shutter is hinged at the top and the bottom shutter is attached to the bottom with a stile or rail.

Fiberglass and aluminum shutters are lightweight and easy to install and repair, but they will not add to the beauty and character that a wooden shutter can add to your exterior. If you are looking for a window treatment option that is durable, offers high security and energy efficiency, has easy maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing then consider investing in fiberglass and aluminum exterior shutters. These types of shutters provide all of the benefits of louvered and solid panel shutters without the weight and added expense. If you are considering exterior shutters for your home, take a look at what is available on the market today. No matter what style or type of shutter you are interested in, you will find one to meet your specifications and requirements.


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