Introduction To Landscape Design

Landscape design is a unique artistic practice and an independent profession, practised by landscape architects, blending both art and science. In modern practice, landscape architecture unites the discipline of landscape architecture with that of garden design. The resulting artistic composition is highly decorative in nature and can be seen in forms such as gardens, theatres, museums and public spaces at all scales. Landscape architecture and designing, when combined with other disciplines such as botany, horticulture, water gardening etc., provides a striking visual effect. In fact, many buildings have been constructed with the help of landscape architecture. Moreover, it has been found that the use of landscape architecture helps to conserve resources and thus enhances the value of a property.Learn more by visiting this link landscape design

The main aim of landscape design is to create a visual effect that inspires awe. In its simplest form, a landscape architect designs the physical elements of a landscape, based on scientific principles, and then lays down the patterns and texture according to the tastes of the client. This results in a product that has a synergistic relationship with the surrounding environment. The architect needs to consider the local climate, the scale of the project, and the type of plants likely to be growing in the area. While designing a garden, the landscape architect should consider the sun cycles, windfalls, soil fertility, the proximity of important utilities, and the proximity of any human structures.

Landscape architecture is becoming popular with the increase in demand for green living and the environmental consciousness among urban dwellers. An improved understanding of the benefits of plant life and the associated infrastructures is leading the way in this new field. With the increasing acceptance of urban design in residential and public settings, the future of landscape architecture looks bright.


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