K9 Answers Dog Training – A Few Things You Must Know

Dog training is basically the application of behaviour analysis that makes use of the dog’s environmental experiences, both of past and present antecedents to modify the dog’s behaviour, either to help in certain actions or undertake certain tasks, or even for it to just behave effectively in modern domestic life. When we speak of behaviour analysis, these two aspects are considered to be the fundamental principles that dogs follow. One of the first commands a pet owner should teach to his pet dog is to control its territory. This is achieved by being on the alert at all times so as to avoid conflict with other dogs. This is why it’s also said that it’s the most important part of dog training to have a pet dog. Get the facts about K9 Answers Dog Training see this.
The second rule in dog training is to control and gain obedience from your pet dog. This command doesn’t simply mean teaching it how to sit, stay, or down, it means disciplining it. Obedience from the dog will actually be the most reliable result of your obedience training since it’s the deed that you’ve done to make it obey. If you’re able to accomplish this, then you already have the basic foundation of a good relationship with your pet dog.
Dog training always needs to include some form of positive reinforcement, otherwise known as motivation. This actually works better than punishment in dog training, especially with the latter since it provides a more long term solution to behavior problems. The best form of motivation would be something like treats or toys, but human motivators can be much more effective since there would be something motivating your pet to perform a certain action. With enough motivation, positive reinforcement can actually change the animal’s whole behavior, and even the way you treat it, which is an important aspect in dog training.