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If you or a member of your family is involved in an accident that results in a brain injury and you need a lawyer, do you know where to look for the best one? There are several different types of brain injuries, each with its own set of theories, so you’ll need to find a lawyer who specialises in cases like yours. An injury lawyer who specialises in injuries caused by auto accidents may not be familiar with cases involving brain injuries caused by carelessness during labour. Providing data about the type of injury involved, as well as the lawyer’s experience in those perceptions, is a great way to find the ideal lawyer.Learn more about this at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., Washington

Although the standard search methods will provide some results, you should check with the lawyer because they cannot provide you with any information about the lawyer’s tangible past. There are attorneys who do the work but then move the case on to other lawyers for commission, while others claim to be specialist personal injury lawyers but are unable to provide you with comparable case results.

One of the first questions you can ask a personal injury lawyer is if he can operate on a contingency basis, in which the lawyer receives a percentage of the payment as fees and does not expect you to pay if you lose. However, be careful and thoroughly read the document before signing it; if there isn’t one, be adamant about including one. This way, even though you lose, you won’t have to pay in the long run.

Seeking counsel from other attorneys who are not affiliated with the one being addressed is also an excellent way to learn about the lawyer’s experience in fighting your court case. Every lawyer has a reputation in and out of the courtroom, and what other lawyers think of them will give you a more accurate picture of their dexterity in the courtroom. Even if a lawyer does not take on hand brain injury cases, he or she will almost definitely know someone who does and will be able to refer you to that lawyer.

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