Understanding Areas of An Advanced Bio Treatment

Samuel Hahnemann, a German chemist, discovered homoeopathy as a means of medical treatment in 1796. He claimed that the root causes of many diseases that affected humans were phenomena he called “miasmas.” His philosophy stated that Homeopathy – homios means “like” and pathos “suffering” in Greek – operated on the principle of “like cures like,” meaning that a drug that induces a disease in a healthy person will relieve similar symptoms in a sick person. Hahnemann was responsible for the growth of Homeopathy and its dissemination across Europe; today, this alternative method of treatment is used all over the world. Many proven clinical studies, however, declare Homeopathy to be a “pseudoscience,” and no definitive study has demonstrated the effectiveness of homoeopathic care in all illnesses. Get the facts about Advanced Bio Treatment see this.
Dr. W.H. Schuessler, another eminent German Homeopathic physician, discovered that certain basic chemical salts (inorganic) are responsible for the production and growth of organs, as well as the repair of tissue cells, in the cells of the human body. He found that a sufficient amount of 12 primary inorganic salts in the blood and tissues of the body had the ability to cure all diseases. These salts became known as bio-chemical salts, and any alteration in their amount or imbalance was enough to disrupt cell function, resulting in diseases. The ‘bio-chemical therapy’ method developed by Dr. Schuessler replenished and fixed these imbalances. When a deficiency or excess of a certain bio-chemical salt is substituted or compensated with drugs, the symptoms of deficiency are alleviated, and the illness is treated.
Bio-chemic therapy evolved from homoeopathy, with the 12 bio-chemic salts being “potentized” and used in homoeopathy. Further investigation and analysis revealed that a single disease could be caused by a lack of one or more salts, or a mixture of bio-chemical salts. As a result, 28 drugs were developed by combining these 12 bio-chemical salts, which are used as the foundations for bio-combinations in homoeopathic care.