State Laws and Religious Exemptions- An Intro

The weirdest thing about religion is how much of it opposes natural instinct and sexual drive. The entrapment is designed to bring people into situations of control and power by the establishment. Making them feel guilty because they are outside of what their pastors claim is God’s will, is abuse of human rights. Unfortunately, most fall victim to it and domination of their lives ensues.Do you want to learn more? Visit view more about it

With children the most vulnerable when those who claim to be celibate, such as Catholic priests, use them for sexual gratification the horror of what their deeds amount to is coming to the fore. The question is how long has the Church known about the practice and what is it doing about it?

This is not the only religious organization at fault as they have all sprung from the same well. The list of pedophiles identified by Australian victims through the course of a recent tribunal includes men from all denominations and different functions within them.

Some religious die-hard are the first to oppose climate change and the most corrupt among us. They support the lies that hang over us and their only agenda is to make others believe what they accept. They seem completely unaware of how much their ideals oppose the natural forces and instincts.