Painting Your Stucco: Important Things to Consider

The process of painting the stucco in your home can be very difficult and even time consuming. There are many things you need to know before attempting to paint the stucco on your own. You should also know that if you decide to paint the stucco yourself it will take at least two days for the paint to dry thoroughly. It will also take at least two or three coats for the finish to be fully installed if you do not use an epoxy primer before hand.Do you want to learn more? Visit the page

A heavy, flat nap roller may not be able to reach all the deep parts of stucco; hence, a heavy brush will be needed. If the roller does not have the ability to reach all the way to the exterior masonry primer on the wall, then a scraper with an uncapped edge may be used. Using a scraper with an uncapped edge will give the appearance of the surface being painted as if a coat of coating had been applied. After sanding the surface to remove any loose particles, an exterior masonry primer will need to be applied to seal the entire area.

When applying the exterior masonry primer, it is important to mix the primer and paint thoroughly. Some people suggest spraying the primer on first, but many homeowners find this method to be inaccurate and results in a poor sheen. For best results, mix the primer and paint together using a paint mixer. Once the primer has fully dried, it can then be buffed with an exterior wood finish to create a sheen on the surface. If there are any areas that do not require painting, a layer of clear marine varnish will be able to be applied as a final layer to protect the sheen.