Medical Dispensaries Act

The Medical Dispensaries Act of 21st century Washington protects our health and the rights of patients to access safe, legal medical treatment. This is why the recreational use of marijuana has been criminalized in many states including; Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. These States have voted to protect the rights of patients who wish to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Washington State however, is the only state that has yet to pass a Medical Dispensary law. Hopefully this will soon change and we will all benefit from the expanded availability of medical services like MMJ treatments. More tips here Dispensary Near Me

The Medical Dispensaries Act also protects against the utilization of pharmaceuticals intended to treat a disease or condition while operating a place of business. As an example, if a person is using marijuana to treat an ailment they have contracted, such as AIDS, they should not be arrested for simple possession of marijuana. Medical marijuana is also legal in some states such as; Arizona, Colorado, and Washington. In addition, medical marijuana is allowed for anyone to use without supervision or prescription.

Marijuana dispensaries that are allowed to operate within the public view face severe criminal penalties. For this reason, it is essential that marijuana dispensaries to remain open until the laws governing this plant are passed. Recently, an initiative was filed to have marijuana dispensaries face similar laws to those of pharmacies. However, the legislature will need to pass this initiative before it becomes a law. Until the initiative is passed, it is important for patients to patronize their local grocery stores and trust what they are told by their doctors. This way they can continue to receive their essential services.