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If you’re an attorney or a client of a law firm, you should think about sharing space with another firm. Some people may dismiss this concept at first because they do not want to be associated with other rules, but there are several advantages to doing so. If you’re thinking about sharing a law office, keep reading because I’ll explain why it’s a good idea and how to get started. Many law firms, in reality, do not need all of the space they rent. While the majority of this unused room is used to store secretarial supplies or other miscellaneous objects, you might make money by subleasing it to other law firms. Making revenue from your law firm’s unused space is an ideal way to add another source of residual income to your portfolio at a time when times are difficult for law firms large and small. Do you want to learn more? Visit  Law Offices of Joan M Lauricella

Consider this: if you sublease a portion of your office that isn’t being used for $700 per month, your law firm will save $8,400 per year. The advantages of sharing a law office, however, don’t stop there. You’ll be in close proximity to other legal practitioners if you share an office with other lawyers. Getting other lawyers close by would be a valuable advantage as long as you aren’t taking on the same cases (which is extremely unlikely). You’ll find that having like-minded neighbours has many benefits, whether you need to ask them questions about lawsuits or just want to have a nice chat about the day.A lesser-known advantage of sharing a law office is that it is typically already set up for lawyers and other legal professionals. Unfortunately, most offices for rent or sale lack the necessary infrastructure for attorneys. They’re either too small or insufficiently practical for a law firm to work in. If there is already a law firm in the house, it’s likely that they’ve updated and restructured it to make it more suitable for law practise.