Inner Alchemy Acupuncture- Major Points

For years now, TCM or traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced not only in Asian countries, but more so today in western countries. Acupuncture, as a form of TCM has grown so much in popularity as a good alternative to people who want to have more natural and non-chemical ways of treatment. If you are a licensed acupuncturist, and would want to take your practice to another level, you should start learning to market your clinic effectively. Visit our website to get free information about Inner Alchemy Acupuncture-Acupuncture Clinic

Let me share some great Acupuncture Marketing Tips For Your Acupuncture Clinic:

1. Start by putting up your acupuncture website. Use Google local maps for your website listing so every time someone searches for an acupuncturist in your area, they will be provided by a listing and directions to your clinic.

2. You can also make use of traditional advertising. Advertising materials such as business cards, brochures and flyers. Be sure to include your contact details such as phone numbers, email, clinic hours and informative info to your brochures and flyers. Have them ready for hand out in your clinic to your patients. You can also have these handy with you in your pocket, clutch or in your car so that when an opportunity arises, you can easily have them ready to give out.

3. Another good way to advertise and market your acupuncture clinic is by participating in alternative medicine trade fairs. By organizing your booth, you can easily reach out to more people. It’s a good opportunity for you to give out infos and consultations on acupuncture. Have your brochures, business cards and flyers ready.

4. Another way to advertise your acupuncture practice and clinic is by organizing an acupuncture seminar. If your finances permit, you could do this. This is a good way to interactively market acupuncture because you get the chance to talk about it at one time to a large audience. You can include a live acupuncture demo too so that people will get a real feel of what it is, and have them see that it’s not scary at all.

5. You can extend your practice by connecting with other practitioners like physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and occupational therapists within your area or nearby. Who knows some of their patients/clients would want acupuncture treatments and they could refer your expertise and clinic.