Impact of Fresno Dermatologist

Sun damage is a major reason why individuals visit dermatologists. This is something that happens without sunscreen over several years of being in the sun. What happens is that the skin becomes dry and on those areas that have been exposed to the sun, such as your face, where wrinkles can become quite deep long before they should, you have premature wrinkling. Sun damage is very severe and while there are many dermatology treatments for this condition, nothing can restore the skin to its condition before it was damaged by the sun. Do you want to learn more? Visit Fresno Dermatologist

Therefore, if you live in a super sunny and hot area of the country, it is crucial that you always have a high level of sunscreen. We have all pondered this question at some point in most of our lives: When is it time to consult a dermatologist? Although the question does not have a definitive answer, there are several indicators that should trigger someone to make their decision. For example, teenagers with acne may have a difficult time dealing with teen acne. Although this type of acne is hormonal, it can get very serious, and it usually passes. It can be time to consult a dermatologist if you are a teenager or are the parents of a teenager with mild to severe acne. In particular, if you notice acne scars associated with inflamed acne, or redness and swelling associated with acne scars.

Before or at the sight of an acne scar, the concept is to consult a dermatologist. But teenagers are not the only ones facing problems with acne. For various different reasons, adults also struggle with acne. Acne is commonly cited during pregnancy, as is acne during sickness, acne during hormonal imbalance, acne from poor hygienic practises, and inherited acne. Should you see a dermatologist for consultation?