How to Find the Best Leesburg Chiropractor

A chiropractor is an alternative health care practitioner focused on the diagnosis and therapy of neuromusculoskeletal disorders, focusing primarily on manual manipulation and spinal adjustment. Checkout Leesburg Chiropractor for more info. Chiropractic is based upon the principle that the spine contains the structural and functional integrity of the nervous system and that manipulation and spinal adjustments can affect the functioning of this nervous system. This theory is not supported by the prevailing scientific approach to the cause and treatment of disease. It is based upon the premise that the body can heal itself through a coordinated effort between the patient and the medical provider. Traditional medical practices seek to treat disease symptomatically with drugs and other pharmacological or manual therapy approaches; however, chiropractic seeks to achieve health through a comprehensive approach that includes both drug treatment and manual therapy measures.

The diagnosis of a chiropractor includes the identification, location and referral of misaligned vertebrae that are causing pain or other symptoms. The primary diagnosis procedure consists of a thorough examination of the spine and other areas of the body that may be involved. A chiropractor then performs specific manipulation or adjustments to relieve pain and dysfunction in the neck, back, arms and wrists. Manual therapy measures such as pressure control and the use of spinal muscle groups are also used to help restore motion to affected areas.

When a chiropractor determines that a patient’s neck is out of alignment, he/she will ask questions to determine the cause and recommend a course of action. Chiropractic treatments are administered on an outpatient basis and the recovery time varies from person to person. Most people do not require any hospitalization or extended period of time of rest after having a chiropractic procedure. Chiropractic treatment is not considered a life-long treatment because it does not cure a disease or condition. It relieves pain by adjusting the spine and using manipulation to correct alignment issues. Pain, numbness, tingling or other symptoms in the neck or lower back can be controlled with chiropractic care.