Greenville dentist – Finding a Dentist For Children

A dentist, also referred to as a pediatric dentist, is a dentist who specializes in treating children’s teeth and also the diagnosis, prevention, and Treatment of dental conditions and diseases of the oral cavity, including periodontal disease, wisdom teeth, molars, and implants. The dentist’s support team helps in providing exceptional oral health care. At a young age, children tend to giggle when asked if they want to see a dentist and smile broadly with a happy face, but by the age of two or three, they would not understand the importance of visiting a dentist. In order to prevent cavities and promote healthy teeth, children should visit a dentist at least twice annually. The regular visit makes them feel comfortable about visiting the dentist. It is therefore important that a family or a group of families with children stay in contact with the dentist regularly for preventive care.Checkout Greenville dentist for more info.

A child usually visits a dentist after his parents or guardian has informed him/her about the importance of brushing and cleaning his/her teeth at least twice a day. In order to detect tooth decay at an early stage, it is important to have a thorough check on the overall oral health of the child. One of the first things that a dentist will do is take a complete dental history and carry out a thorough examination of the mouth, jaws, tongue, cheeks and other areas of the face. Root canals and cavities are some of the most common oral disorders detected in children. Root canals can be detected if there is bleeding during a brushing session and the dentist may also notice swollen gums around the tooth.

Children may also visit the dentist for jaw abnormalities, such as misalignment, deficiency of bite, overbite, or crowded teeth, resulting from crowding during eating. If a child needs to have his teeth extracted, the dentist needs to do a deep cleaning of the area where the tooth is being removed and send the patient home with a prescription for DDS, (deposits of decay) antibiotics or some other medicine. This type of treatment, while leaving a small scar, can sometimes have long-lasting effects on the patient’s confidence, hygiene, and eating habits. Dentists can be found in many pediatric dental schools and are highly trained to treat all different types of dental problems.


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