General Dentistry Has Come A Long Way

While in the past, general dentistry meant referring patients to a specialist for procedures like implants and veneers, more and more general dentists are being prepared to provide these (and other) treatments on a regular basis in their own offices. Patients appreciate how convenient it is to have all of their dental needs met in one location.Learn more by visiting Tolley Dental of Winchester

There are much more choices than there used to be as patients work with their dental care provider to develop a treatment plan for decayed or missing teeth. This is also attributed to the fact that the cost of procedures such as dental implants is declining. Both dentists will now undergo training in dental implantology, allowing them to provide more specialised treatments in a general environment. The min-implant, for example, is becoming more common because it only requires one appointment for placement. Dentists are using these therapies to provide patients with an alternative to massive bridgework or dentures.

Orthodontic therapy is becoming more available to general dentists, thanks to products like Invisalign, which direct them through the whole process. The dentist oversees the patient’s care while the alignment trays are made off-site at the Invisalign headquarters. When more people opt for orthodontic care, the appeal of Invisalign over conventional braces means they can get treatment without having to go to an orthodontist or waiting in a children’s office.

Silver fillings, which you may remember from your childhood, are no longer as traditional. Resin or composite fillings are becoming more common among dentists. When talking, smiling, or laughing, these tooth-colored fillings need less tooth preparation and are barely visible.

Crowns that were traditionally made of gold or porcelain fused to metal (with the metal showing through) now have a newer equivalent that every day dentists can use. Dentists may use the CEREC in-office crown device to prepare a tooth and position the crown in the same visit. What’s more, since these crowns are completely made of resin, patients won’t have to worry about metal showing through.