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Second, keep in mind that your payments to the trustee start immediately, but before the payroll deduction starts, you must physically deliver your payments directly to the trustee. The first due date for a lawsuit in will be 30 days from the day we filed the bankruptcy petition. This part is incredibly important: if you miss the first bill, your case will be dismissed. “The first several months of the case are like a “trial phase” for the trustee or being on probation.” The period of time is where you want to prove that you are responsible enough to be able to do Chapter 13, and when you and your counsel together explain to the trustee of the bankruptcy that your Chapter 13 plan would actually work with the mortgage company and other creditors to get you back in. Checkout Richard M. Weaver Bankruptcy Attorney for more info.

Third, please make sure that your full name and the case number of the court are written right on the front of any invoice you send. To supervise your Chapter 13 Trustee, there are several thousand papers, and you do not want your compensation deferred because it was lost in the process and did not suit your case. Several trustees do not accept personal checks, so give a money order or cashier’s check and make sure it was lost in the mix and didn’t fit your case (which is on the initial paperwork that the Trustee sends).If you are one of the 2 million people who filed for personal bankruptcy or are filing for personal bankruptcy, there are a variety of sponsoring lawyers in the region, it is advisable to contact your area lawyer to assess your financial situation. Also recognised are the bankruptcies in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. At the time of your bankruptcy case, you are assured of perfect legal counsel bankruptcy lawyers are experienced attorneys in Fort Worth, Houston and many other locations to represent you.