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Find an authorised relicensing centre or classroom for agents. Wander over to the CDOI website once again and follow the links to insurance classes for bail agents. You could try Google as well. Just make certain that the CDOI approves the class.Learn more about us at bail bondsman near me

You are wasting your time, if it isn’t. Next, take the class and pass the class with at least 70 percent. In the agent pre-licensing class, be sure to pay attention, if the instructor feels that you are just “occupying” the seat and just putting in your 12 hours of seat time to get the licence, you will be kicked out. The instructor’s job is also to prepare you for the exam, and CDOI officials frequently attend these classes to monitor you. Since this is known to the instructors, they will make sure that you pay attention and that they get their job done. Next, you make a photocopy with the pre-licensing education certificate of an agent in hand and add that to your applications. A quick note about the application for an agent. Disclose! Disclose! Yes, reveal your background as a whole. Even if you can’t remember all the details of what happened 5, 10, 15 years ago. Just include as much information as you can remember in the application. Because why? An attempt to defraud or illegally acquire a licence is a failure to disclose everything. The application is generally denied in the event of this occurring. A list of security bail bond rules for the St. Louis Missouri metro area by location is provided below. Rules vary by location, so please read and locate the particular court location about which you have questions. At the discretion of the court, these rules are also subject to modification. All licenced Missouri Bail Bond Agents, as well as private citizens attempting to post bail, are covered by these rules. For further specific information, contact your local bail bond professional. Depending on the charge and date of arrest and the length of imprisonment, bail bonds in St. Louis City are either posted at the St. Louis Justice Centre or the Mel Carnahan Court House