Determining Child Custody

Child custody is decided either before or after a divorce. The amount of time a child spends with each parent will be decided by the agreement. The final agreement will be reached through mediation between lawyers or, if the case goes to court, through a judge. The perfect arrangement would give the child trapped between two parents the best quality of life possible.Learn more by visiting [child custody attorney scottsdale az] 

There are several variables to consider when deciding the final custody agreement. Children are frequently given a say in the situation. Their emotions are taken into account. However, the degree to which these emotions affect the final agreement will be dictated by the child’s age. Each parent’s wishes will also be taken into account. Differences on what constitutes a “ideal situation” are often the source of contention in child custody disputes, and therefore the most likely cause for these disputes to end up in court. Attorneys and judges will also dig at any prior reports of harassment or criminal records. The existence of these documents would have a significant impact on the division of time and will necessitate monitoring during visitations.

The final agreement will take into account each parent’s living conditions, such as their neighbourhood, home, and school districts. To better assess if each parent’s atmosphere is appropriate for a child, observation may be needed.

The courts and parents both want the best for the children whose parents are divorcing. The courts will frequently attempt to include both parents in their children’s upbringing. They may require an equal division of time, or they may grant only one parent visitation rights. The final agreement reached would be legally enforceable.

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