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In dental practice, a dental veneer is simply a thin layer of porcelain applied to a damaged tooth in order to cover up the tooth. Checkout Dentists of Ivanhoe Central for more info.Veneers will protect the teeth’s outer surface from damage and improve the look of the smile. They also provide comfort as they are often designed with soft tissues that help with filling, protecting and enhancing the appearance of the teeth. There are many different materials that can be used to create dental veneers, such as metal, composite, or resin. When a dentist creates a veneer, it can either be custom made to match the rest of the teeth or they may be made using an original mold of the teeth. The veneer will also have to be prepared by the dentist in advance, including bonding and other finishing processes.

The process starts when an oral surgeon removes all of the impacted teeth and the surrounding tissues from the affected area. Then the dentist will take several veneers and place them on the damaged areas. The dental veneer will then be bonded to the teeth, so that it is permanently attached to the tooth. This procedure is known as veneering.

Dental veneers are commonly recommended for individuals who need to correct a severely damaged smile or who have chipped or cracked teeth. In addition to offering a better look, veneers help to protect teeth from future decay. Some of the reasons that these veneers are used include but are not limited to cosmetic dentistry, healing of gums, treatment of tooth decay, and even gum disease. There are many cosmetic procedures that a dentist can perform that benefit from using veneers. Cosmetic procedures that are done by dentists include, but are not limited to; fillings, crowns, bridges, crown veneers and crown lengthening. A dentist can also be a great resource for information about the health care services offered by dentists that are located in your local area.