Dentist – An Intro

A dentist, also called a dental hygienist, is a dentist who specifically practices dentistry, i.e., the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and care of disorders and diseases of the oral cavity as defined by the dentist. The dentist’s supportive surgical team also assists in providing overall oral health care. These dental professionals are found in both public and private hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the United States.Checkout Seattle dentist for more info.

To practice dentistry, a dentist needs to earn his /her degree from an accredited dental school, which may be a two-year program or a four-year program. Attending dental school does not guarantee a dentist a job; on the other hand, many dentists begin their careers by taking advantage of the opportunity provided by post-dental school programs. Most states require that aspiring dentists pass a dental exam, which may be a written or oral exam, in order to gain licensing. Although some states allow aspiring dentists to take the exam after completion of dental school, most states require the exam to be taken at the time of application for licensing.

Dentists work alongside doctors, which are professional members of the health care team that includes nurses, physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, and other health care providers. A dentist works closely with patients to prevent tooth decay and gum disease by performing basic procedures like cleaning of teeth, removing plaque and tartar, and instructing patients on proper tooth care. A dentist performs minor procedures to treat certain conditions, such as gum disease, that are too painful or complex for him /her to treat on his / her own. A dentist uses various equipment, such as dental handpieces, instruments, scissors, lasers, and ultrasonic technology, to perform basic procedures and treatments. In some cases, a dentist relies on a periodontist to help him /her to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


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