Concerning San Angelo Pronto Insurance

Car liability insurance can be very expensive, but it is a necessity. However, there are many people who live in large cities (New York or London, for example) who very rarely drive their cars. For these people, car liability insurance may seem like a really large waste of money. However, there is a new type of insurance that may seem perfect for these people: pay as you drive insurance. If you wish to learn more about this, visit San Angelo Pronto Insurance.

Basically, pay as you drive insurance works like this: a small GPS device is installed in your car, and you always have this device on when you’re driving (it is almost always wired into your car so that it comes on automatically when you start the engine, so there is no fooling the system). This GPS will track many different features, including how many hours/miles you drive every day, your driving habits (if you accelerate quickly, brake too sharply etc.), and what type of roads you’re driving on. All of this is then computed into a cost.

The more you drive, then, the higher your insurance will obviously be. If you only drive out to see your family or friends once a month or so, you’ll save a lot of money with this method. If you find you drive every day, you may want a more traditional liability insurance package. There are obvious benefits to pay as you drive insurance, though, especially if you are a safe driver who isn’t going to be putting thousands of miles on your car.