Brief History of High Point plantation shutters

For over a century, different styles of shutters have been used all over the world. Historically used as a weather defence device, their aim was to protect against the harmful effects of the sun, wind, or rain, depending on location and prevailing conditions. To know more click here  High Point plantation shutters

The completely closed shutter is commonly seen on the exterior of a building in warmer climates. When closed, it provides cover from the sun’s heat as well as heavy winds and dust storms.

These same shutters will be used in other places to defend against rainstorms, wind, seawater, and corrosion.

Shutters with louvred slats are known as plantation shutters. This function allows for the control of sunlight, temperature, ventilation, and privacy, as well as some weather protection. Plantation shutters have become popular as a functional solution to all of the above, as well as for aesthetic purposes, adding charm and individuality to a building’s facade.

Plantation shutters come in a number of types, shapes, and sizes, and can be mounted on the inside or outside of a window opening.

Shutters with a full cover or full height

A full cover or full height shutter can cover the entire window pane, as the name implies. Full-height window shutters allow you to control lighting and ventilation while also adding privacy and protection to your home. This type of shutter can be used in any room of the house and looks especially good when installed on both the ground and first floors. Their sleek simplicity quickly elevates a structure to the pinnacle of chic.

Plantation Shutters in the Cafe Theme

The bottom half of a window frame is hidden by a Cafe type louvre shutter. As a result, it maximises the amount of light available while preserving the requisite degree of privacy. They’re equally at home on the ground and first floors, adding a touch of understated elegance to every building’s facade. Cafe style plantation shutters are available in both louvred and solid panel designs, as well as natural and painted wood finishes.

Shutters stacked on top of each other

A Tier on Tier Shutter is a full-height shutter that is divided into two parts by an upper and lower tier. This allows one to open while the other stays closed, which is perfect for preserving privacy while letting plenty of natural light in.