Air Conditioning Units – How They Work

Heating, air conditioning, and air ventilation are the scientific technologies of vehicular and indoor environmental conditioning. Its purpose is to provide acceptable indoor air quality and temperature. The science of air conditioning has been around since the mid-nineteenth century when it was first described by J.C. Frye. With advancements in engineering and science, air conditioners have become more efficient and less expensive over time.Feel free to find more information at Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, Jacksonville.

Air conditioners can be separated into three categories: open-air conditioning systems, chilled air conditioning systems, and hybrid air conditioning systems. The most common type of air conditioning system is an open-air system that cools the incoming air with a refrigerant gas. An example of this is a cooling tower. A chilled tower is similar, except it uses a cold refrigerant gas instead of a refrigerant gas. Hybrid air conditioning systems use a combination of both types of refrigerants.

One example of an air conditioning unit air conditioning system is a split system air conditioner. This unit air conditioning system employs a compressor which is split into a positive and negative cycle, with the positive cycle powering a blower. The fan draws in air from the outdoors, blows it through the compressor, and filters it through a series of filters before it exits the unit. The air that is filtered exits the unit, and is then cooled again by the blower.

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